Occasionally, there’s an episode of ‘Don’t Be A Wussy TV’ that everyone in Empower Network should watch, and share.

While I was writing a couple of blog posts for today, I popped on this particular episode that I want you to watch, and had a couple of ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Here’s where you can watch it now, as it’s opening, keep reading:

So Dave Sharpe and Sam Crowley rented a yacht out in St Petes, casually talking about transformation, and I’ve got to tell you, this is just badass.

You may or may not have noticed (we haven’t really talked about it much) that the blogs now have a ‘badass button’ on them.  In fact, if you go here:

Look right below the title – see the button that says ‘badass’ – click it.

It will create a link automatically that you can share on Facebook.  The cool thing about that button, is that it will keep your affiliate id’s – and literally works instantly.


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The easiest way to get new customers would be to figure out how to generate leads. Read this if you want to learn more about lead generation.

The buying cycle is something you will affect your lead generation attempts.Target your campaigns to this cycle and you will be successful.

TIP! Try using the phone to see who is in need of your product and services. You are going to find that the results can be rather surprising.

Incentives can help generate leads since people are attracted to the idea of deals and bargains.For instance, if you get someone to purchase something they may need they are going to want to work with you on getting a good deal. Give them something to make them want to get your customers another reason to bite on the offer so you can generate a lot more leads.

Use tested methods and consumer reviews to create more leads. Use these studies to develop the benefits of your products along with customer testimonials.

Certain leads are likely not fit for your current campaign. Picking the best leads guarantees more success.

TIP! Consider using long-tailed keywords. Don’t overdo it, but a few strategically placed ones can help tremendously.

Make sure that the leads you have are legit. It is common to buy leads and not be aware of duplication. You can easily encounter leads showing up well more than one time.

TIP! Look for lead groups working in your local area. Business owners gather together to share leads.

Use your phone to make calls and see if people that may be interested in what you have to offer. You’ll be surprised how many people out there want to work with you after you pitch to them. Someone will always want to buy what you have to sell.

TIP! Speak to folks while you wait in lines or run other daily errands. It is always great to be friendly, plus they may have need of your product or service.

Are there any events related to your niche that you can take advantage of? For instance, if you work in real estate, is a wedding show scheduled in the near future? Newlyweds need a new home, so get a table and set up for the show. Look at the classified ads for events which will be in your town.

TIP! Whatever our budget, careful planning can ensure you achieve your goals. Monitor your campaign to find out what is working and what’s not.

Check for lead groups you can join. These groups with a mix of different local business owners who share leads. You may be surprised at just how much this works. You can send a client who mentions they need a good dentist because they are suffering with a toothache.

TIP! If you plan on buying a lead database, make sure it’s right for your needs. What you have to offer may need a certain group of prospects.

Create a lead generation. Potential leads may be off-putting if you try to get at them with the generation efforts constantly. Using a set schedule will make you to seem professional.This also make it to where you don’t offer pitches that are the same prospective leads constantly.

TIP! Make it clear to visitors what action they should take upon landing on your site. Look at each and every page on your site.

Subscriptions mean that your readers get reminders to visit your site where you will be able to share your content. This is a great way that your current customers will generate leads within the customer base you already have. Blogging can be effective in generating new leads and it works better than a lot of other ways.

Make certain that you have a solid plan in place. If your budget is especially tight, carefully monitor your campaign to get the most for your money.

TIP! Don’t overdo contests. When all your potential customers see is some prize-winning advertisement, they become trained to enter contests and ignore the rest.

Find out how people are discovering your existing clientele came to discover you. Use Google Analytics to discover which websites they visited previously. Did they come from social media site? Was there an online forum that helped generate new leads? No matter the answer, you can find ways to get more leads.

TIP! Be cautious of buying large amounts of Twitter or other social media followers. Although this might be a good way to find leads, it doesn’t mean that what you are getting is high quality.

You are going to find out how lead generation becomes quite easy when you have the right techniques and strategies. Stick to the advice given here, and soon you will see how many more customers your business can attract. Get started now and see results soon.

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