Occasionally, there’s an episode of ‘Don’t Be A Wussy TV’ that everyone in Empower Network should watch, and share.

While I was writing a couple of blog posts for today, I popped on this particular episode that I want you to watch, and had a couple of ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Here’s where you can watch it now, as it’s opening, keep reading:

So Dave Sharpe and Sam Crowley rented a yacht out in St Petes, casually talking about transformation, and I’ve got to tell you, this is just badass.

You may or may not have noticed (we haven’t really talked about it much) that the blogs now have a ‘badass button’ on them.  In fact, if you go here:

Look right below the title – see the button that says ‘badass’ – click it.

It will create a link automatically that you can share on Facebook.  The cool thing about that button, is that it will keep your affiliate id’s – and literally works instantly.


Sharron n Bpb

sharron n bob sharron n bob
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Sharron n Bob

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